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Ruko Great White Assisted Opening Knife - Made using the Shark Assisted Opening the Hammerhead opens in a snap for easy one-handed use.
CLOSEOUTS . Ruko's Field Dressing knife set equips you for quick, efficient field dressing, with a fixed gut hook blade and a fixed caping blade. Available Colors: BLAZE ORANGE.
$33.00 $19.95
Ruko Camo Outfitter Folding Knife - Never lose your grip on your knife again. The Outfitter uses a camo rubberized aluminum handle wraped in grip tape inserts to ensure your keep your grip.
Ruko 2 Piece Skinning Knife Set - This two piece Skinning knife set includes one large drop point blade with a gut hook and a second capeing knife.
CLOSEOUTS . A versatile hunting tool, Rukoand#39;s Shark White Tip pocket knife offers a fast assisted-open design, with a razor-sharp 440A stainless steel blade. Available Colors: SEE PHOTO.
CLOSEOUTS . A great choice for a variety of camping and hunting tasks, Rukoand#39;s Camo Rescue folding knife has a non-glare combination blade and a camouflage handle. Available Colors: SEE PHOTO.
$29.99 $15.60
$23.99 $14.95
Muela Bowie Hunting Field Knife - This knife includes all the classic look and style of older Bowie knives without that excessive length.
Muela Eagle Skinning Knife - This skinning knife has a classic look. The wood handle and leather sheath with brass fittings give this hunting knife a solid look and feel.
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